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COVID-19 / “Coronavirus” and appointments at Redhawk Vision Center

Given the information from Riverside County Public Health, we are continuing to institute a more “Strict” set of standards with regard to our interactions with our patients.

As California begins the next phase, we continue to strive to provide a clean and safe environment for patient care. Please call or text our office to schedule an appointment. We also have Telehealth options available on our website for patients not able to leave home or in need of urgent care. Please call us at (951) 302-5580

We will follow the protocols below to reduce the potential spread of this virus and to aid in the efforts to “flatten the curve” and reduce the severity and number of individuals who might be tragically impacted. For more information on “flattening the curve” see link at bottom of letter.

We have always had a careful hygienic protocol in our office (using disposable items whenever available, hand-disinfection with every patient, etc), but here are some precautions that go “above and beyond” our normal process –

1. We will call all patients the day before their appointments to confirm and ask a COVID-19 questionnaire…fever, chills or other flu-like symptoms AND have not been exposed to someone with those symptoms in the past week – If patient is not certain or have been experiencing these symptoms – We will re-schedule appointment for at least 2-3 weeks later.

2. We ask that patients come alone to their visits when possible. Appointments for younger patients with a need for parent/guardian will be accommodated, but we ask siblings remain home or with other parent/guardian outside the office.

3. We will be asking all patients to wash hands and use a hand disinfectant (we supply) at each step in their office experience.

4. We will ask any patient (or person accompanying a patient) who presents with flu-like symptoms when they check -in to reschedule.

5. We will reschedule any ‘non-critical/business-related’ outside visitors (company representatives or ‘vendors’) to July or later.

6. All of our team members will STAY HOME if we feel the symptoms of the flu – aching, fever, chills or persistent cough. This may require us to RESCHEDULE patients (e.g. if a number of staff are out at the same time, or if one of the doctors is not able to come in).

7. We ask ALL patients stay outside when they arrive and notify us by phone call or text, and staff will start your check-in.

8. In compliance with Riverside County, ALL patients are required to wear a self provided mask.

9. We will enforce a NO FOOD OR DRINK anywhere in the office – while the food isn’t the problem, eating and drinking involves “hand to-mouth” motion without a mask and may contribute to a “touch – then – infect” scenario.It is our hope, in these days of uncertainty let’s draw toward a steady, thoughtful, caring and reasoned approach to stay healthy and safe. While it is not a time to ‘panic’ – we can play a part in reducing the severity and impact of this disease on many if we proceed wisely.


Thank you,

Redhawk Vision Center

Article on “Flattening the Curve”-

Updates by Riverside County Public Health Office: